• Jerash University: History and Civilization

    Jerash University was founded in 1993, and is considered as the first private University in the north of Jordan.  "Jerash" is the city's ancient mother name (history and civilization), in which the university is located. 

    Jerash University is considered as a leading academic institute within both national and international scales


  • Why Jerash University?

    Jerash University ensures to provide high quality education, and is keen to conduct an outstanding level of scientific research in basic and applied sciences. Jerash University is a national university contributing in the development of the community by delivering specialists and highly qualified graduates able to compete and meet the growing needs of the labor market.


  • Join Us: Outstanding and Universal Performance

    High quality educational programs within international standards
    Excellent educational system that helps students to build their knowledge and skills continuously.
    Effective partnership with both government and private sectors and all parties of the community.


  • University Announcements

    Electronic Services

  • E- Registration :This service facilitates students’ registration process by allowing them to register the required courses online, and add/remove courses. In addition, this service allows students to be up to date with their study plans and receive instructions regarding their academic progress.

  • Academics Online System: This service allows lecturers to monitor students’ academic progress and retrieve their University records. Additionally, this service allows lecturers to add/remove and update student marks during the semester, as well as retrieve information regarding the semester timetable.

  • E-Learning : This service allows students to access course materials and educational resources of all available courses through both the Internet and Intranet. It also offers a great opportunity for continuous interaction between teachers and students.

  • E-Library: This service allows students and teachers to inquire information about available books and scientific research journals either in the library bookshelf or electronically. Also, this service allows the access of online databases and research achieves.

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    Contact Us

    Jordan - Jerash
    Amman, Irbid international Street
    P.O Box : 311 - Post Code : 26150 Jerash
    Phone: 0096226350521
    Fax:    0096226350520