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أ.د. أحمد العقله

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Personal Details :


Name                :   AHMED A. EL-OQLAH

Rank                 :   Professor

Date of Birth     :   8th March, 1947

Nationality        :    Jordanian

Place of Birth    :         Zoubya, Jordan

Address                :      Department of Biological Sciences

                                    Faculty of Science

                                    Yarmouk University

                                    Irbid, Jordan

Marital Status    :         Married

Children                :     Six


المؤهل العلمي


- Diploma, 1973 (Botany-Zoology) Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


- Ph.D. 1976 ( Forestry and Plant Taxonomy), Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


- Post Doctorate, 1977 (Statistics and Experimental Design), Oxford University, Oxford, England


Post Doctorate, 1979-1981 (Plant Taxonomy and  Vegetation), Reading University, Reading, England.


الخبرات والمهارات

Service Experience :

1976-1981       Ministry of Agriculture as head of research division.

1981-1986       Assistant Professor at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan   1986-1989Associate Professor at Yarmouk University.

1986-1989 Head of Jordanian  Natural History Museum

1988-1989: Director of Center for Jordanian studies

1989-1993 :Visiting Associate Professor to Department of Biology,                                     University of Bahrain, Bahrain.

1993    : Professor at Yarmouk University

1994-1998 : Director of Department of Biological Sciences.

1999-2000  : Dean of scientific research and Dean of student `````````````````affair Jarash University.

2000-2001: Professor at yarmouk University.

2001- 2005:  Director of UNESCO chair for desertification and desert


2005-present: Dean of Scientific Research at Al Hussein Bin Tallal University          

2011-2012: Director of UNESCO chair for desertification and desert


2012-KNOW: Royal botanic garden Amman

مؤتمرات علميه

Professional and Scientific Meetings (Conferences, Conventions and in

1- Second scientific conference of the arab biologist Fas Morocco March 27      Morocco, March 20-        27, 1982

  1. OPTIMA, 5th meeting, held in Istanbul, 1985
  2. Medicinal Plants conference held in Iraq, 1986
  3. Medicinal plants conference held (in Tunisia, 1985

in Tunisia, 1985

  1. Symposium on flora and vegetation of Arabia, held at Bryuth, W.

     Germany, 1987

  1. International botanical congress held in Berlin, August, 1987, W. Germany
  2. International conference on high salinity-tolerant plants in Arid regions.

    Dec. 5-8 1990, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates University

  1. 7th Scientific Conference of the Arab biologists, Susah, Tunis 4-7 Nov.
  2.   Attended second scientific conference of the Arab biologist, Fas,          


  1. Pistachio meeting Palermo Italy June 1995.
  2. the third pistachio meeting Morocco Meknas Oct. 1996.
  3. Triticeae meeting ICARD Alepo-Syria may 1997.
  4. Medicinal plants in folk medicine 25-27 Nov. 1997.
  5. International Unesco-MAB workshop on Desertification: Rehabilitation of degraded dry lands and biosphere reserves Alepo Syria 2-3 2002
  6. GEF/TWNSO Workshops For Africa North Africa and Middle East Regions: Promoting Best practices for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of global significance in Arid and snmi-arid zones. 21-24 april 2002 Oman.
  7. International conference on : Promotiung best practices for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of global significance in Arid and semi-arid Zones. 14-16 Dec,2002 Cairo.Egypt.


  1. International workshop on traditional knolowledge and modern technology for the sustainable management of dry ecosystems Eliata.-Russia 23-27 2004
  2. Advanced seminar on Agriculture risk management. Zaragoza Spain 12-18,20004



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