Faculty of Shari’a - Jerash University

Dean's Message


Prof. Hasan Shammout

The Faculty of Shari'a at Jerash University is one of the distinguished colleges among its counterparts in other Jordanian universities. It has been able to provide the job market with qualified Islamic Shari'a practitioners who have gone on to careers in education, various Islamic institutions, fatwas, and as judges. The Faculty of Shari'a at Jerash University is proud to have achieved first place in the proficiency exam more than once, compared to other Sharia colleges in Jordan. The Faculty of Shari'a at Jerash University seeks to teach students basic Islamic sciences, in addition to exposing them to scientific developments in various fields of research. The Faculty also aims to systematically and scientifically graduate qualified scholars in jurisprudence, as well as giving students the ability to build distinctive Islamic characters based on proper understanding of the purposes of Islamic legislation of the Qu'ran and Sunnah, whilst maintaining originality and modernity.

Recent Publications

Self-defence in Islamic law
Hasan Taisir Abdelrahim Shammout, Mohammad Ahmad Abdelraziq Al-Jabali
Medical Errors and Physicians Liability between Islamic Regulations and Law
Adnan Smadi1, Abdullah Wardat2, . Mohamadawad Al-Khawaldeh3

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