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Dr. Ibrahim R. Ayasreh

Welcome/ Faculty of Nursing The faculty of nursing at Jerash University responds to changes in the field of health care in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through providing nursing education via the utilization of audiovisual tools, simulation dolls, and practical training at educational hospitals. The faculty aims to provide adequately prepared professional and qualified nurses in clinical nursing work and leaders in health care areas. It also aims to become a center for nursing education and training in the Kingdom and the region. The B.Sc. degree in nursing is earned after completing a total of 132 credit hours. Students are taught courses in nursing, medical, and social sciences that qualify them to practice nursing in Jordan, as well as abroad.
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Department of Nursing

Recent Publications

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Lebanese Critical Care Nurses’ Perceptions: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
Ali Salloum, Ahmad Rayan, Shaher H. Hamaideh, Salam Bani Hani, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Ahmad M. Al-Bash
A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of elderly individuals with chronic wounds
Asem Abdalrahim, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Khitam Mohammad, Rasmieh Al-Amer, Omar A
Spirituality and Psychological Wellbeing During Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Review of the Literature
Manar Abu-abbas, Ibrahim R. Ayasreh, Yasmeen AbuSumaqa, Sajeda Alhamory, Tamador Raked Al Tarawneh
Cut-off scores of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-8: Implications for improving the management of chronic pain
Amira M. Ali, Rana Ali Alameri, Tiffany Brooks, Tazeen Saeed Ali, Nashwa Ibrahim, Haitham Khatatbeh
Attitudes toward COVID-19 disease and vaccination in Hungary: A comparison of nurses and health workers against non-health workers
Annamária Pakai, Amira M. Ali, Mohammed ALBashtawy, Miklos Zrinyi, Ilona Karácsony, Ibrahim Ayasreh,
Managing disabled workers due to occupational accidents in Indonesia: a case study on return to work program
Arie Arizandi Kurnianto, Haitham Khatatbeh, Viktoria Premusz, Zsolt Nemeskéri, István Ágoston

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