Faculty of Agriculture - Jerash University

Dean's Message


Prof. Mutasem Massad

Dear distinguished colleagues and students, May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture's page, where you can find useful academic and administrative information about the faculty. We hope that this page will provide you with the possibility of communication and completion of wor and save time and effort in the search for scientific and academic information concerning the activities of our college. The Faculty of Agriculture is the only college in the private Jordanian universities that grants a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences. The college was established with the founding of the university in 1993. The College offers a Bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences in the fields of Animal Production, Plant Production, Economics and agricultural extension and Food science and Nutrition as well as the Master's degree in Economics and Agricultural Extension, and Master's Degree in Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. The Faculty of Agriculture aims to prepare specialists in the fields of agricultural sciences who are able to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. It also aims to carry out applied research to find appropriate solutions to the problems that may face the agricultural sector to increase production and improve its quality. It also aims to provide courses and technical consultations for the local community in various agricultural fields. The Faculty of Agriculture strives to establish the best concepts in the field of quality assurance and the application of quality standards and accreditation in accordance with the instructions of the Jordanian Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Authority to improve the quality of agricultural education and the quality of its outputs to suit the requirements of labor market. Wishing you and our college continued progress and prosperity towards more success and achievements that contribute to the renaissance and best future for our university in our beloved Jordan. Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Bassam Al-Desset

Recent Publications

The Novelty of using Obesity Indices as Blood Pressure Predictors
Buthaina Alkhatib, Lana M. Agraib, Islam Al-Shami, Anfal AL-Dalaeen
Ali Alsharafat, Bassam Aldeseit, Hanan Bani Mustafa, Samar Shawaqfeh, and Baha'a Abu Salma
Moringa Oleifera: Recent Insight for its Biochemical and Medicinal Applications
Mohamed Afifi, Aser AbdulAzim ,Muhammad abu alghaith, Dima Alkadri
Green Nanofertilizers – The Need for Modern Agriculture Intelligent and Environmentally Friendly Approaches
Abdel Rahman Mohammad Al Tawaha, Abhishek Singh, Vishnu D. Rajput, Ashi Varshney, Shreni Agrawal,
Promoting Efficiency of Apple Pomace-Derived Pectin
Abu Salma, B.M., Hasan, H.A., Shawaqfeh, S
Green Nanofertilizers: the Need for Modern Agriculture, Intelligent, and Environmentally-Friendly Approaches
Al Tawaha, AB.R., Singh, A., Rajput, V.D., Ashi Varshney, A., Shreni Agrawal, Sh., Ghazaryan, K., Mi
Effect Of Using Biochar And Compost On Soil Properties And On Mitigation Of Climate Change Impacts: A Case Study From Jordan
Ahmad A. Aljardah, Ashraf O. Khashroum, Samar S. Shawaqfeh, Hanan A. Hasanو Sura T. Al-Harahsheh.

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