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Dean's Message


Dr. Mohammad Brake

Dear Distinguished Colleagues and Students, may the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you all. Welcome to the Faculty of Science homepage, where you can find useful information about the faculty and its academic and administrative features. The Faculty of Science aims to prepare specialists in the fields of the different sciences who are able to contribute to the development of its related sectors. The Faculty of Science strives to establish the best concepts in the field of quality assurance and the application of quality standards and accreditation in accordance with the instructions of the Jordanian Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Authority to improve the quality of scientific education and the quality of its outputs to suit the requirements of the labor market. I wish all of you every success in your academic careers which will surely contribute to the development of our college, the university, and our beloved Jordan. Dean of Faculty of Science Prof. Mu'tasim al-Masad

Recent Publications

Synthesis and Biological studies
Nafal Nazarbahjat, Zanariah Abdullah, Azhar Ariffin
Development of SSR Markers Linked to Stress Responsive Genes along Tomato Chromosome 3 (Solanum lycopersicum L.).
16. Mohammad Brake, Lana Al-Qadumii, Hassan Hamasha, Hussein Migdadi, Abi Awad , Nizar Haddad, and M
Characterization of Ampicillin Resistant Gene (blaTEM-1) Isolated from E. coli in Northern Jordan
Fatima-Azzahra Delmani, Adnan S. Jaran, , Yaser Al Tarazi, , Hani Masaadeh, and Omar Zaki
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some new 1,2,4-triazole derivatives bearing carbohydrazide moiety.
Haitham Husein Al-Sa’doni, Fatima-Azzahra Delmani, Abdullah Mohammed Al Balushi, Ala’a Hamed Al-Ahma
1. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Metal Adamantyl 2-Pyridylhydrazone Complexes.
Ihsan A. Shehadi , Fatima-Azzahra Delmani , Areej M. Jaber, Hana Hammad, Murad A. AlDamen , Raed A.

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