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Dean's Message


Prof. Ahmad Moh’d Rabe

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is a distinguished faculty at Jerash University. The faculty aims to provide our beloved country with trained and qualified graduates who will be leaders in their field and have the ability to improve the national education system. The Faculty of Educational Sciences was established in 2007, originally a department of the Faculty of Arts. At the beginning of its foundation, the college offered three programs: bachelor's degrees in classroom teaching, English language teaching, and kindergarten teaching. Currently, the programs offered are a bachelor's degree in classroom teaching and a master's degree in general curriculum and educational management. In addition to its academic programs, the College offers a unique and innovative series of activities, learning resources and enrichment programs through holding annual scientific conferences and specialized seminars on contemporary educational topics. The College holds annual exhibitions for teaching aids which are produced by students; those teaching aids are distributed to schools in order to maintain the bonds of cooperation between the College and the local community. The College strives to obtain a quality assurance certificate by applying the latest international quality standards in faculty programs, plans, activities and practices. Finally, our teaching staff are highly experienced and fully qualified.

Recent Publications

Optimism Predictive Ability and Psychological Flexibility among Students during COVID-19 Pandemic
Bilal M. Salah1 Nayef F. Alhamad1 Abedalnasser A. Alazzam1 Mahdi M. Albadarneh1 Hamzeh A. A. Alq

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