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Dean's Message


Dr.Hamzeh AL-Hawamdeh

Dear Colleagues and Students, The Faculty of Business is one of the oldest and most established faculties in Jerash University. In this faculty, we have witnessed many success stories from the time of its establishment until now, and this of course is due to our staffs’ hard work and passion to make this faculty one of the most important and successful faculties in the university. This success has also continued because of your combined efforts and enthusiasm to serious and hard work. You were, and will always be, the ambassadors of this faculty in Jordan and beyond. Bearing in mind the economic crisis that the world is currently witnessing, we have to create a highly competitive learning environment to direct our students to the right pathway by maintaining knowledge and practical skills which will enable them to leave their mark on the labor market, and to increase the chances of developing their knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. Our faculty is making a serious effort to meet the Quality Assurance standards that the Authority of Higher Education and Accreditation requires. We look forward to improving quality of education and quality of output to make sure that we can prepare graduates to meet the requirements of the labor market. I am also pleased to announce that we have improved our faculty webpage, to be a more comprehensive and informative page, academically, administratively, and scientifically, providing online users with the services needed. We hope that our faculty’s success and achievements will always contribute to the development of our beloved country, Jordan.

Recent Publications

Factors affecting consumers’ satisfaction towards mobile payment services: An analytical hierarchy process approach
Asaad Alsakarneh , Shehadeh Mofleh Al-Gharaibeh , Abdelwahhab Allozi, Hisham Ali Shatnawi, Wael Bash
The influence of talent management practices on employee retention and performance: An empirical study of Jordanian service organizations
Asaad Alsakarneh , Shehadeh Mofleh Al-gharaibeh , Abdelwahhab Issa Allozi , Hayel Tallga Ababneh, Bi
The link between emotional labor and employee performance in the services sector
Asaad Alsakarneh ،Bilal Sakarneh ،Mohammad T. Bataineh ،Baha Aldeen Mohammad Fraihat ،Maher Nawasra

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