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Prof. Ayman Al-Sawalha

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at Jerash University was established in 2021, and the Department of Physiotherapy is the first department in the faculty to grant a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. The physiotherapy program consists of 132 credit hours covering theoretical, practical and clinical aspects in the field of physiotherapy. The college seeks to establish new and diverse departments in the various fields of applied medical sciences in order to serve the local and regional community. The college offers you, dear student, an outstanding educational experience that will enrich your life and enhance your career opportunities in the ever-growing field of applied medical sciences. Distinguished faculty are also available to provide outstanding education to students as well as advice and guidance throughout your studies. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy program provides a large amount of modern academic and clinical information that qualifies the graduate to practice advanced physical therapy in hospitals, health care centers and rehabilitation centers through courses that include concepts of physical therapy, devices used, treatment methods, therapeutic interventions in various pathological conditions, in addition to Clinical field practice, which includes training students on treatment methods for various diseases. In the various fields of physical therapy, which are: Physical therapy for neurological disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for Muscluoskeletal disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for cardiovacular disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for respiratoy system disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for pediatrics disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for geriatrics disorders and its surgeries. Physical therapy for burn, some dermatological disorders and plastic surgeries. Physical therapy for women health.

Recent Publications

Physiotherapy Students and Clinical Education in Sudan
Tariq Abdalmagid , Hassan Abdelnour , Rashed Aladwan
Facts Related to the Prevalence of Sports Injury at Ahfad University for Women in Sudan
Hassan Abdelnour , Ismail Abdellatif , Pang Ismail , Tsabeeh Jondi
Physiotherapists’ Understanding of Shortwave Diathermy Contraindications: A Questionnaire Survey
Abdulmajeed R Almalty , Hassan M Abdelnour , Mohannad Hawamdeh , Shadi A Alkhob
The effect of electrical stimulation on skin vulnerability to irritants
Abdulmajeed Raja Almalty, Saja Hamdallah Hamed, Mohammed Yasir Jebril, Hassan Mubarak Abdelnour
Using 3Dimensional Teaching in Biomechanics for Physiotherapy Education at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan
Hassan Abdelnour1*, Nermeen Bleedy1 , Abdulmajeed Almalty3 , Asrar Elkhir3 , Maria Ayoub
Photobiomodulation and Trigger Band Technique on Groin Adductor Strain in Athletes: Single-Blinded Randomized Control Trial
Enas Abu Taleb a, Hani Fahad Albalawi b, Mohamed Serag Eldein Mahgoub Mostafa c , Engy M. El Nahas
Wagdy William Amin Younan1 *, Mina Nashaat Halim2 , Nadia Mohamed Abdelhakiem3 , Heba S. AbdelTaw

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