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Prof.Abdelrahman Alarman

The Faculty of Law at Jerash University is an advanced centre in legal education. Founded in 1993, the Faculty of Law at Jerash University is the second private law school in Jordan. It is keen to provide distinguished legal education in accordance to the latest methods and techniques in learning, teaching and legal research. It provides diversity in activities to achieve its vision and mission in graduating qualified students that are able to work in the field of legal services in accordance with just values. It blends theory and practice in preparing students for the job market, maintaining the latest scientific principles and standards of accreditation and quality control. Furthermore, the faculty takes into account modernity, as well as academic and practical programmes in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees it provides. It also strives to continuously develop performance and takes into account originality in legal thinking and the development of tools of scientific research and engaging the community. Finally, the faculty continues to actively communicate with law-enforcement agencies from public and civil society institutions, and takes into account the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency, as well as the development of faculty members' performance.

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الحريات العامة
أ.د زياد محمد ربيع

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